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Baby Emmitt - {Lifestyle Newborn}

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

-Meet Baby Emmitt-

12 Days Old

Sometimes, you meet a family, and you just click. That's how I feel about the Colemans. A few weeks ago I photographed their maternity pictures and was planning to do their birth story. Much to everyone's surprise, Emmitt decided to come 4 weeks early and so quickly that his parents didn't have the chance to call me! Luckily I was able to capture these moments for them at just around 2 weeks old. This little man was so adorable and you can just feel the love that his parents have for him.

One of my favorite parts about doing lifestyle newborn shoots is capturing all of the little details. The wrinkly little hands, tiny feet and toes, and the facial features that make each and every newborn unique. Another thing I love about lifestyle sessions is how natural they are. I get to capture real moments.

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