Leighlyn is Three! - {Birthday Session}

My sweet Leighlyn Rose is three! The session didn't go exactly as I planned but I was able to capture a few good ones I think! It's just amazing to watch her grow and learn and to see her personality. She is definitely a "First Born" and has a lot of the same tendencies that I do haha. She's also very mothering to her sister (and a little bossy haha). She sings all of the time and right now her favorite song is "Journey to the Past" from the Broadway version of Anastasia. She really likes to run, read books, and explore new things! Here in Italy we have been able to go to castles and go on a lot of adventures and she loves it. I don't know how much she will remember later in life, but she constantly talks about all of the things we have done since we've been here! We are so blessed with this girl and we can't wait to see what her 3rd year of life brings.

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