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Bittle - {Birth Story}

What a whirlwind of a night this birth was! I am a little late in blogging this birth, but I do remember getting to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning, but momma didn't seem to be progressing and she really thought it was going to be awhile so I ended up making the decision to drive home and try to get a few hours of sleep. It was a 45 minute drive and I got home, laid down for maybe 10 minutes, and I got the text that I needed to come back! haha I definitely made the wrong decision there but sometimes with birth you have no idea when things are going to change or how quickly! When I got back, labor was in full swing and momma was close, she was basically ready to push. I got there at the perfect time! One thing that was really fun was that this couple decided to wait to find out the gender of their baby after having two boys!! By the look on her face I think you can figure out what baby #3 was! It was such a fun surprise and I'm thankful and honored to have been a part of this birth! Inova Alexandria also did an incredible job honoring this momma's natural birth. She didn't have a million people in the delivery room, she had a ton of quiet time with her sweet baby girl before they did all of the weighing and measuring. I just felt they really made it a peaceful environment for a hospital birth and I loved witnessing that!


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