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Bruno - {Home Birth Story}

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As you all know if you've read my home birth blog, I absolutely LOVED Roman's birth! So when anyone asks for the midwives information I get so excited!! I had actually met Martha when I photographed their first daughter for a Lifestyle Newborn session when we first arrived in Italy! She contacted me after finding out she was pregnant with her second asking about the midwives and my experience! I told her if she wanted a birth photographer, I'd be there! I had never photographed a home birth and it was something I really wanted to do. I'm so so thankful she and her husband decided to have me there!

It was June 26th, a Friday afternoon, I was getting my hair done and Martha was 41 weeks and 3 days. Just like me, she had to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound and a NST to make sure all was well with the baby! They did a membrane sweep for her and she started cramping pretty much right away, but she still thought she had a while. I got home from my hair appointment, Elliott got home from work and I left right away because things seemed to be progressing a lot quicker! I arrived at Martha's house around 6-630 in the evening. She was definitely in the middle of her labor and she was handling it beautifully! Her husband was taking care of their daughter and her mom was there, rubbing her back and helping her work through contractions. It was beautiful to see Martha's mom there for her, cheering her on and encouraging her. It had to be hard seeing her baby girl in pain, but she was strong. She prayed over her. She comforted her. It was amazing.

As soon as Alice was put to bed, Martha's husband was by her side. Martha kept feeling like she needed to go to the bathroom and we all know what that means! Baby was getting very very close. Her husband held her up and was such a strong support for her as she moved the baby down. Needless to say, at 10:28pm Eleanor Rose was born in the bathroom! I was standing in the tub capturing it all and it was beautiful! Martha's mom was watching outside of the bathroom and was overjoyed, she was so proud of her daughter! I think Martha was in a bit of a shock that she had her baby in the bathroom, and that her daughter was here. Again, I am so thrilled and thankful that I was able to be at this birth to capture these moments. These moments that go so fast and are such a blur especially for a laboring mom.


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