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Edyn Grace - {11 Months Old}

First, I want to say that these photos were pretty impossible to take. I'm not entirely happy with them, I usually like to get a variety, but I'm not re-doing them so here they are! lol

I'm in serious denial that this baby of mine is going to be one next month. I just can't believe it! She hit a BIG milestone this past month! About two weeks ago she started walking, and now she's a pro! She definitely prefers walking to crawling and is getting very fast. She has also started sleeping through the night!!!!! Can I get an AMEN? You parents out there know how I feel! lol

She can also sign "more" when she wants more food. She loves to imitate us and LOVES doing anything big sis does! Haha I know I've said this before, but she's also very dramatic and I can tell we're going to be in trouble when she hits those terrible two's (which I expect will happen around 17-18 months like it did with Leighlyn). Now I need to start figuring out her First Birthday photos! Excuse me while I go cry a little.


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