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Edyn is One! - {Cake Smash Session}

I'm FINALLY getting this post up! I feel like a horrible mom, but it's done, right? Haha We did Edyn's cake smash exactly 1 month after her Birthday, so really in these images she is 13 months old. Que the mom guilt. I didn't order things in time for her birthday, I didn't have a studio to use and I just wasn't prepared! I felt terrible about it but I decided that it really was better late than never. I'm so so so glad I decided to do them. I just can't believe that this little baby of mine is ONE already. All of you parents know how quickly the time goes, and it's just crazy! It seems to have gone faster with the second one too. We are loving watching this girl grow. She is learning and changing so much. She loves ALL food, she's my cuddle bug, she loves her big sister and follows her around everywhere (even into timeout lol) and she's just the sweetest thing. We are so blessed that God gave us Edyn Grace.


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