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Roman James - {7 Months Old}

It's March 31st and Roman is 7 months old! I know I say it every blog, but I just can't believe how fast it all goes! He's 17.5 pounds and 27.4 inches long. He's wearing size 3 diapers and is in 6-9 month clothes! He's got two teeth and he's finally starting to really take down some baby foods! The girls love watching him eat and Leighlyn even helps feed him. It's so fun with them being involved in everything and learning all about babies! He's still nursing and I'm savoring every moment! With Edyn my supply dropped around 9 months (we were also in the middle of our PCS to Italy which was pretty stressful so I think that had a lot to do with it) so I'm not sure what will happen this time. My goal is at least a year! This little guy is such a blessing to us and we're thankful for him every day!


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