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Scrimgeour - {Maternity Session}

This couple just gives me all the feels. So Lexi and Jared were actually stationed in Alaska, at Eielson, at the same time we were for about the same amount of years! Our husbands are both in the same Squadron, but they do different jobs. They knew each other a little bit but I didn't meet Lexi until we both found out we were going to be stationed in Italy next!!! It was so crazy, and she has become a close friend since living here in Italy. It's been almost 2 whole years since we've lived here, and now we are both pregnant and due only about a month apart!

This couple has a special kind of strength that you mostly only see in Military families. Jared is deployed right now and won't get to meet his baby boy until 4 months after he's born. Lexi is one of the strongest mommas I know to go through labor and delivery without her husband. It is a huge sacrifice to miss a big life event like this, the birth of your first child, but it is something many service members do, serving our country. I'm so blessed to know these two and I can not wait until they are reunited!

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