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First Beach Day of Summer 2019 - {Personal Life}

June 4th was our first beach day this summer! Last year I'm pretty sure it was at the end of May, but it was still so chilly and rainy the whole month of May. So June it was! The girls were so excited to head to the beach again! I grew up going to the beach almost every summer and when I was in high school we lived in South Jersey, about 5 minutes away from a beach. So I'm a beach bum at heart. I love the ocean, the sand, just everything! It brings back so many good memories and I'm so glad that we live somewhere right now where I can make memories with the girls.

Because it was so early in the season and the Italians were not out of school yet, the beach was pretty empty! Here you can rent a spot that has two chairs and an umbrella and that's what I do so I don't have to lug a bunch of stuff onto the beach! We got a front row spot which was really nice. Also, I have to say that I was about 28 weeks pregnant this beach trip and it was definitely tiring! Getting the girls ready, making sure they were all lathered up in sunscreen, taking them to and from our spot and the water, and the most dreaded part, getting cleaned up and leaving. The girls don't throw tantrums or anything when we leave and it's not a battle, it's just all of the work it takes rinsing things off and getting as much sand off as possible haha As I'm writing this we have since gone to the beach 3 more times and of course I'm just more and more pregnant. But it really is worth it and thankfully the girls sit and play with their sand toys and I have moments of relaxation.

It's also become a tradition for us to get ice cream from the big red ice cream truck that drives around the beach :)


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