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Furtick - {Birth Story}

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Ah! I finally get to share this amazing birth I was honored to be a part of in November!! I hadn't shot a birth since before we left Italy and I was so excited when Brooke emailed me about capturing the birth of her 2nd daughter!

Brooke was 41 weeks and 5 days when I finally got the text that things were progressing! It was 4pm so I ate a quick dinner, helped my husband get the kids ready for bed, and got out the door around 630. It was a horrible, dark and rainy evening so the drive was a slow one. At around 745 I arrived at Brooke's home and was the first one of the birth team there! Brooke was in the tub. Immediately I felt the peace that was in the room. It was dark, warm, and there was worship music playing. Brooke was relaxed in her birthing space. Soon after, the rest of the birth team trickled in, things started to move forward.

Harper Liles was born at 1:11 AM, November 16th. I am so thankful Brooke had me there. Her birth was inspiring and you could feel the Holy Spirit working in that room. Throughout her labor she was praising Jesus and leaning into her own body, following its lead as it did what it was meant to do.

I want to end with a quote from Brooke, "If there is one thing to believe in, it's how powerful you are. Don't believe any lies you were told surrounding birth or your family birth history. You are capable of having the birth of your dreams and it can be the most incredible, beautiful experience of your life."


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