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Juniper Ruby - {A Birth Story}

-The Birth of Juniper Ruby Wilson-

Born on June 3, 2016 at 6:44 PM

9 lb. 11 oz.

20.5 Inches Long

When I first met Lindsay and her family, it was an immediate connection. They are sweet, down to earth and so easy going I knew my experience with them was going to be a good one. At 41 weeks pregnant, this beautiful momma started the process of being induced early on June 3rd (Friday) where she was already at 4cm! I arrived to the hospital around 2 pm when she was around 6cm, and around 4pm is when the pushing began! At 6:44 pm, Miss Juniper Ruby was born! She is one loved little girl.

The strength she had during labor was inspiring and her husband was such an amazing supporter. It's my favorite when I get to capture the love between a couple after they have a baby, but when you can capture it before the baby makes it's entrance, it is incredible. I'm so happy for this now family of 4 and blessed to have the opportunity to capture these special moments for them.

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to photograph the Placenta. The baby's home, also known as the tree of life. God's design is astounding.

Congrats to the Wilson family on their beautiful little girl!

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