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Kennedy Grae - {Birth Story Session}

Kennedy Grey 7lbs. 8 oz.

19.8 Inches

Born at 2:53pm

On December 11th I got THE text! This first time momma was 38 weeks pregnant when she started labor! I seriously have a track record with my clients (especially with first babies) that go early! It's crazy because most first time moms do not go early, they go late haha I always joke with people that if they don't want to have to wait the full 40 weeks, just book me hahaha Anyways, Haylie texted me saying that her contractions were pretty regular (about 5-7 minutes apart) but they weren't admitting her to the hospital quite yet since she was 2cm dilated I tried to get some sleep, but I was just too excited! On December 12th at around 4:30am, Gabe texted me saying Haylie was at 6cm and that they were finally being admitted! I arrived at the hospital around 5:30am and Haylie was just getting her epidural. At around 7am, her water broke! They were both able to sleep for about an hour and when the nurses came to check her at 9:24am she was 9.5cm! An hour later she hit 10cm and they started pushing. At 11:16 Haylie decided to try and turn the Epidural down a little bit so she could feel when she was supposed to push. This amazing lady pushed for 3 hours. She was so strong and worked so incredibly hard to get her baby here vaginally. At around 1:30pm, they decided it was time to do the Cesarean. Unfortunately I was not able to capture that part, but after about an hour, I got to meet Kennedy Grey and document some beautiful moments with her mommy and daddy. Birth is unpredictable and Gabe and Haylie handled everything so well and were so excited to have their sweet baby girl finally in their arms.


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