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Leighlyn Rose is Two! - {Lifestyle Birthday Session}

It was really hard for me to figure out how I wanted to do Leighlyn's 2 year old photos. The snow is over 3 feet deep and it has been super cold lately (today being -34), so doing them outside was out of the question. I really had to rack my brain because I don't have a studio or any indoor place to do pictures. My other challenge was the fact that she's turning two (if you have a toddler, you know what I mean hahaha). One night I had this idea to take her to a cafe or coffee shop and get her a treat! I mean, what toddler doesn't want a cupcake, it was sure to make her happy and make for some good photos! I had a specific vision in my head for this session and was really excited about it. It ended up being more difficult than what I thought it would be because apparently my daughter doesn't get excited about sweet treats like I do hahaha. The first session I took her by myself and only got a few photos that I was happy with. Elliott came with me for the second session and I was able to get a lot more because he's a little more entertaining then I am. Literally in the first session she didn't smile once! So it was definitely worth it to go again. They aren't perfect by any means, but I definitely learned from this experience and I will always remember my sassy little 2 year old when I look back on these photos.


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