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Barcelona, Spain - {Travel}

Spain has been on my list of places to visit since we first found out we were moving to Italy! I still can't believe we were actually there! We went in February so that it wouldn't be super hot and it really was perfect! We had amazing weather the whole time we were there. We decided to drive because 1) it's easier and 2) we really wanted to drive through the south of France! So it was a super awesome opportunity! The drive was about 14 hours so we split it up into two days. The first night we stayed in Nice, France. Driving through the French Riviera was beautiful. We got there in the evening and watched the sunset on the beach. The next morning we drove around a little bit, but since we had a long drive we didn't do a whole love of exploring!

On Saturday Night we arrived in Barcelona! We walked to an authentic Spanish place to eat and had Paella which is a famous type of dish there! It was delicious! The next morning we went straight to La Sagrada Familia. This was what I had been dying to see, and wow it did not disappoint. We ended up doing an audio tour of the inside. The girls did really well and we were able to enjoy learning about the specific architecture of this church. I'm still blown away by how intricate and detailed it all was. We had 3 full days in Barcelona and during that time we also visited Park Guell, the Barcelona Zoo and the Arc de Triomf de Barcelona. We also made it to the main square, as well as some of the more popular walking and shopping areas. We ate at so many neat places! The Breakfast places were the best we've had so far in Europe. We tried two different Tappas restaurants which may be my new favorite thing! I love that you can get so many different foods in little portions! Another thing for those that may want to travel here, we stayed at a great hotel that had parking and walked MOST places! The only place we didn't walk to was Park Guell! But everything else was within walking distance!


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