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Budapest, Hungary - Vienna, Austria - Zagreb, Croatia - {Travel}

We LOVE doing Christmas Market trips in December! We miss family a lot during this time of year and the one upside to being overseas is that we get to go to European markets. This was our second year hitting them and just like 2017, we decided to do a loop so we could drive through different areas. Something else you should know about us is that we LOVE road trips! They are so fun and our kids are really good travelers so it makes it very enjoyable!

I was pregnant during this trip which I'm guessing resulted in me not taking as many photos haha I wish I would have grabbed more in Croatia!

Vienna, Austria

December 26-27


Budapest, Hungary

December 27th - 28th

Statue of Freedom

Zagreb, Croatia

December 29th-30th

The 13th Century St. Marks Church is one of the top sights in Zagreb. The tile roof was constructed in 1880!


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