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Basel, Switzerland & Colmar, France - {Travel}

This year we decided to hit 3 different Christmas Markets! We sadly only ended up seeing 2 because our little Roman man was sick. But we did get to go to Basel, Switzerland and Colmar, France. We drove about 7.5 hours up to Mullhouse, France which is where our hotel was. We decided to stay in one location and each day drive to a Market! The first day we drove to Basel, Switzerland which was 40 minutes away. It was a cute little city but I honestly didn't get to take many photos that day. Roman was really not feeling well and I was really anxious about him. The next day we drove north 40 minutes up to Colmar! This day was perfect! Roman seemed to be feeling better and the town was absolutely beautiful! It looked like something out of Beauty and the Beast! There were multiple markets all within walking distance of eachother. We went to all of them and just enjoyed the picturesque town. That night we did not get ANY sleep and decided to just head home. We were really bummed that we didn't get to go to Strasbourg, France, but it was supposed to rain that whole day and we were really feeling uneasy about how Roman was. It wasn't our best trip, but the day in Colmar made it worth it!

{The rest of the images below are of Colmar!}


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