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Cinque Terre - {Travel}

Updated: May 31, 2021

Day 1

Left the house around 9am and arrived at our Air Bnb in La Spezia around 2pm! It was the cutest little apartment (on the 5th floor with no elevator! haha) and the owner left us a bottle of wine! We got settled and decided to hop on the train and head to Manarola (the second city in Cinque Terre). The train station was literally right across the street which was amazing! We knew we would be using the train a lot since we decided to stay in La Spezia. Anyways, we arrived in Manarola and just started walking around! We ended up at the Nesun Dorma bar (apparently it's famous and we had no idea, we were just told to go there). We are so glad we decided to go the day we got there because when we went back on the weekend, the line to get in was SO long and we would have never gotten to stop there! It had a spectacular view of Manarola from up high. It really was incredible and if you go, I highly recommend making this a priority stop!

{Manarola from our Private Boat Tour}

Day 2

We got up and got back on the train and went to Riogimorre! My friend told me about a little breakfast place called Maggiore. After breakfast we explored the city. It reminded us of Venice with all it's tiny walkways except they had stairs hahaha we definitely got our workouts in on this trip!

We took a break in the middle of the day and took naps at the apartment, had some pizza, and then took the train again to Vernazza! This may be my favorite city. All of them were beautiful and come close, but this one I just loved!

Basil Gelato - Surprisingly tasty!

Elliott got a Basil Spritz and I got a Lemon Spritz!

Day 3

We woke up and went to Riogimorre again for breakfast! Then we took the train to Corniglia! If you've been, you know you have to climb 382 steps in order to get to the town! It's worth it though! It's a sweet little village (and when I say little, I mean LITTLE!) but it is so so neat! And it only has a population of about 150 people!! It's also the only Cinque Terre city that doesn't directly adjacent to the sea!

{ Corniglia from our Private Boat tour!}

That afternoon we took a private boat tour which was absolutely amazing! It was so peaceful and awesome to see the cities from the water!

We ended our last day with a train back to Manarola to eat dinner at a seaside restaurant! It was a gorgeous night.

This was the perfect anniversary trip for Elliott and I (and our tagalong haha) We had so much fun exploring Cinque Terre together!


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