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First trip to Venice! - {Travel}

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

A few weekends ago we decided to finally go to Venice! It's kind of one of those places that you end up going to a lot when you get stationed here because it's so close and it's always where you take visitors! Plus, it's Venice, I mean how could you not go there?! We figured that for the first time, and because we were with the kids, we would head into the city with no plan. This is way out of my character. I like to have a set schedule for everything, but honestly, doing it this way was amazing! Venice is a city that is SO easy to get lost in, and the GPS doesn't always take you the right way as we soon found out hahaha

The train ride was about an hour long and Leighlyn was really excited to ride! Once we got there, we just walked, and walked....and walked. We ate pizza and took a lot of photos, and we saw so many cool nooks and crannies of this beautiful city. We probably won't take the kids back for a little while because it's not really stroller friendly, but we got a good workout carrying it up and down all of the stairs! haha By the end of the day we were extremely exhausted, but so glad we finally made the trip! We can't wait to explore it again sans kids haha


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