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London, England - {Travel}

As you all know, we are expecting our third baby, and we decided to take our Baby Moon to London! This was our last no-kids trip for a while and we wanted to go out with a bang! haha We did 3 nights, 4 days, which gave us 2 full days to sightsee!

We left on May 14th which was a Tuesday afternoon, got checked into our hotel, and then walked to Piccadilly! We saw big ben which of course is not visible at the moment. On Wednesday we woke up and ate at The Breakfast Club. Elliott got a traditional english breakfast (pictured below) and I got some amazing pancakes! I'm always on the search for great breakfast places because it's my favorite meal and you can't really get it in Italy hahaha

Next we went to Wellington Arch and Buckingham Palace where we watched the changing of the guard. We did do a lot of walking on this trip but we also took a lot of cabs! This pregnant momma was tired and London is a big city. It's also pretty spread out! So taking cabs was worth it for us. After all of that, we ate at a little pub where Elliott got some fish and chips! We decided to also tour Westminster Abbey this day because we had time. The last thing on the agenda for Wednesday was to see Wicked!! I have been dying to see this show since I was in high school and just never had the chance. One of the reasons we chose to go to London as our last trip with no kids was so that we could go to a show! We both enjoyed ourselves so much that we ended up, on a whim, booking Les Miserables for the next night!

On Thursday we had a tea booked at 10AM at Bea's Tea! It was so delicious! I love everything about tea time! We then went to the Charles Dickens House Museum, something Elliott really wanted to do. At 12 we got on the Hop On Hop Off bus and went to Tower Bridge. We did the tour which was pretty short, got some photos, and then got on a City Boat Tour which was really nice and relaxing! It was cool to see London from a different perspective. At 730 we had Les Miserables which again, was absolutely incredible. I had always wanted to see it live but only ever watched the 25th Anniversary Edition! It was an amazing experience and I'm so glad we decided to see another show!


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