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Mt. Healy Hike - {Living in AK}

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

While my brother was here visiting this summer, we decided to go to Denali with him because he loves the outdoors! When we went that day, we did not plan on hiking up a mountain, but that's exactly what happened and it was AWESOME! Some of these first photos are in the park on the way to the visistors center and as you can see we had a beautiful day!

Before we started the trail to climb Mt. Healy, we drove in as far as private vehicles can drive, and climbed this big rock!

And now for the photos of us going up Mt. Healy! The hike was "strenuous" and took us around 3.5 hours round trip! Near the end of the trail we were basically rock climbing it was so steep but it was an awesome workout and we had a lot of fun.

Right at the beginning of the trail we ran into this Mamma moose and her baby! They are super used to people in the park, so they really didn't care that we were so close. My brother was so excited and it was definitely a highlight of our day!

And we made it to the top! As you can see, we shed some clothes throughout the trip. We started off in pants and sweatshirts, and by the end we had changed into shorts and Tshirts!

Even though we reached the Mt. Healy outlook, there was still an unmaintained trail that you can continue on, Luke decided to go a little farther while Elliott and I rested and enjoyed the view! I love how small we look in these photos. It really gives you an idea of how BIG these mountains are!

If you're in Denali and want an awesome hike, I would definitely reccomend hiking up

Mt. Healy, It only takes a few hours and the hike is really worth the views at the end!


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