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The Eagle's Nest - Garmisch - Neuschwanstein Castle - {Travel}

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

The Eagle's Nest - Garmisch, Germany - Neuschwanstein Castle

The Eagles Nest - Kehlsteinhaus

This blog post is a continuation of the Salzburg, Austria post! We basically did a big loop (which is what we like to try to do when we drive places so we hit a lot of spots and see different views while driving!) So if you haven't seen that one, you can here. So once we left Salzburg on Monday September 3rd, we headed to The Eagle's Nest! It was only a 40 minute drive to the parking lot when you catch a bus and go up the mountain to the actual building....well not really, the bus takes you to a tunnel which leads to an elevator that takes you up to the Kehlsteinhaus! Unfortunately the day we visited, it was all clouds, fog and mist. It is so high up that most of the time it is like this and if you know anything about mountain weather, you know it's unpredictable! The clouds can lift within minutes and you can have a beautiful view. We didn't get that lucky haha. And sadly, one of the main reasons you go up to the Eagle's Nest is for the views! There is also a restaurant there and a hallway that has some history about the building, but other than that there really isn't a whole lot! If you read my blogs you know that Elliott is a big history buff so he's glad he got to see it!

After the Eagle's Nest we headed to Edelweiss Lodge which is a Military Resort in Garmisch, Germany! We got all checked in and found a nice Authentic German place to eat. The next morning we walked around the small (but super cute) town, I found my Germany lapel pin for my camera bag, and then we headed to Neuschwanstein Castle!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Our hotel in this town (right below) was SO CUTE! There wasn't much to the town that the castle was in, but it was a beautiful little place with a lot of farm land. We checked into our hotel and figured we'd head to pick up our tickets for the castle for the next morning. It was a beautiful day and we were actually able to switch our tour time to that afternoon which was perfect! You could either walk up to the castle or you could ride a horse carriage about halfway up and walk the rest of the way. We really wanted to do the horse carriage but the line was pretty long and we wanted to get up there with enough time to take photos before our tour time. It was a bit of a hike, but Leighlyn actually did really well! Elliott had Edyn in the tula and only had to carry Leighlyn a couple times. It was about a 20 minute walk. Once we were at the castle we waited about 30 minutes for our tour time. They are pretty strict about the times and they are quick little tours. You don't get to see a whole lot of the castle, but it is really neat. The tour was only 30 minutes (Thank God because Edyn wasn't really thrilled to be in the carrier anymore haha) and once that was finished we followed the trail that goes up even higher to get a better view of the castle. At this point the girls hadn't napped and it was late afternoon. When I was done getting the photos that I wanted of the castle we decided to get some ice cream treats for them! By the time we got back to our hotel room we were all exhausted.

Innsbruck, Austria

We had been to Innsbruck November 2017 for their Christmas Market, but since we were driving right through we decided we would stop, get some lunch, see the city in the summer and find a carriage ride that we had promised Leighlyn we would do on this trip! The girls were both so excited when we saw the row of carriages! It was the perfect ending to this trip!


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