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Innsbruck, Austria - {Travel}

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

I'm so behind on personal blogs and for those who know me, it's really not usually how I am! Things have just been really busy lately, and trying to do work during the day with 2 kids is definitely not easy. So you guys probably know, after we went to Bolzano, Italy over Thanksgiving, we drove to Innsbruck, Austria! We had heard great things about the Christmas market there and wanted to check it out! It was also going to be our first time leaving Italy and heading into another country! We were super excited. The drive, again, did not disappoint! We took a little detour and found this AMAZING view of the Dolomites. We were just blown away. God's creation is stunning. It was around 6pm when we arrived to our hotel and checked in, so we decided to head to the Old Town market. I didn't take many photos since it was dark, but it was beautiful with all of the lights. We tried the famous Gluwein and walked the streets, but we didn't end up staying out too long because it was pretty chilly and crowded.


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