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Ljubljana, Slovenia - {Travel}

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

And yet another blog I forgot to post! And it's from another trip to Slovenia! I think when we went to these places, I was focusing way too much on getting perfect travel photos and comparing myself to other travel photographers. I thought all of my photos were garbage compared to theirs and I felt embarrassed that I couldn't do what they could do. It's all so silly because these are OUR memories. They don't need to be perfect! So here I am, sharing them now! And as I look back through them, I don't think they are that bad! Haha. Oh comparison, the thief of joy!

Anyways, a couple weeks after we went to Postajna with my parents, we took a trip to Lulijana, Slovenia. This is the capital city of Slovenia and my husband was really interested in the history of this place because there were a lot of monuments erected by the socialist leaders of the former Yugoslavia. The second day we were in this city we went to the zoo, which was completely empty (of people, not animals hahaha) and we got to watch the tigers being fed. It was cold, but the girls enjoyed it! Then we walked around and found the monuments that Elliott wanted to see, one of them being Square of the Republic. After that we found the cutest cafe (Le Petit Cafe) and had lunch.

Our hotel was literally steps away from the main square! It was pretty cold so it was amazing to be able to quickly warm up in our hotel and then go back out! The Christmas Market there was awesome as well! There was a lot of delicious food, and one of the nights we got some cinnamon churro-type sticks with some hot chocolate. If you have been to Europe (I'm guessing it's a European thing but I could be wrong), their hot chocolate is a little different than ours. It's super thick, you could eat it with a spoon, but it is SO GOOD! We didn't have any big plans or anything special to see on this trip, but it was so fun just exploring the city and enjoying family time.


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