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Postajna, Slovenia - {Living in Italy}

December 3rd - December 4th 2017

So a few days ago I was talking to a friend about Slovenia and our trips that we had taken there, and when I looked into my blog to share with her, I realized I had never written any about our trips there!! I really thought I had, but I guess not hahaha So here I am now, writing this blog 9 months later! So last December my parents came for a week and on the weekend we decided to head over to Slovenia! It was an easy drive (just two hours) and a great overnight trip! We stayed at Hotel Jama and bought a package where we were able to go into the Postojna Cave and tour the Predjama Castle! It was a little chilly there as you can see, but we had a fantastic time! It's definitely a kid friendly trip for those of you who are wondering!

The next day we headed over to the Predjama Castle! It was only a few minutes away and it is definitely one of the neatest castles I've ever been in! Because of the time of year we were pretty much the only ones there. We took the tour throughout the inside which came with headphones so you could walk through and listen to the history. It was super interesting! The Castle is literally built into the mountain which gives it a lot of eerie characteristics! To learn how the people lived there was fascinating! In one of my photos below, you can see I'm in the top left corner of the Castle. This is literally a hole that goes the rest of the way into the mountain. Apparently there are tunnels that go pretty deep into the rocks and it was a little creepy! You can even book trips to go into the tunnels and explore with professionals. If you're interested in booking this trip, this website has all of the information click here!


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