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Pula, Croatia - {Living in Italy}

The last week of April, my grandparents came to Italy to visit us! We absolutely love having visitors and were so excited to spend some time with them! We showed them all around where we live and on the weekend we decided to travel somewhere new! Pula, Croatia! It was only about 3 hours from where we live so we drove on a Saturday morning and checked in! We stayed at a Resort that looked out on a beautiful Marina (pictured above). ON Sunday morning we woke up and headed to the Pula Arena which is one of the main attractions in Pula. It's a Roman amphitheater that was constructed during the 1st Century AD (you can learn more here). When we were done there we headed to old town Pula, which had another famous attraction, the Arch of Sergi. This was built between the years 29 and 27 BC. That is insane and so cool! We grabbed some photos and then walked through the tiny town. The last thing we saw was the Temple of Augustus.

Sunday night after the girls were put to bed, Elliott and I were able to do a little exploring on the resort that we were staying on! It was a gorgeous night and we got to watch the sunset. We also saw dolphins in the ocean! It was a wonderful little getaway and we are so thankful for the time spent with our grandparents and everything they did for us! Another country checked off our list and next up...Paris, France!


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