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Castello di Duino & Castello di Miramare - {Living in Italy}

Today we drove about an hour and 45 minutes to Trieste, Italy. Our first stop was Castello di Duino. To start, we went to the old castle ruins which was really cool. We had to walk a few minutes down the road to get to the ruins as a group and then everyone was allowed to roam at their own pace which was nice since we had Leighlyn walking (and I think we can all agree how slow toddlers can be haha). Once we were done there we made our way back to the main castle and toured it ourselves (no guided tours). It was absolutely beautiful and the views were stunning! There was a little cafe that we ate at when we were finished walking the grounds and then we headed to Castello di Miramare which was about 15 minutes away!

Castello di Miramare This castle was absolutely stunning! Ferdinand Maximilian of the House of Habsburg had it built in the mid-1800's. The location was beautiful and the inside of the castle was gorgeous. I felt like I was in a movie set and this may sound dumb, but I just couldn't believe that everything inside was really there when people lived there!

Our last stop was at the Temple di Monte Grisa! It is a huge Catholic church and we we're told it was worth the drive up to it because the view is stunning. This turned out to be true. Both girls were sleeping in the car so I just jumped out real quick and snapped this shot which is overlooking the city of Trieste. Although we didn't get to do everything we wanted to do on this trip to Trieste, the day did not disappoint and we will definitely be going back to see more!


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